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03 July 2015 @ 12:48 pm

We've got nothing but time to kill - Twincest / Rated M


And I think you're adorable - Jindeul / Magic School! AU

The time we did it with the lights on - Badeul / Rated M / Non AU

Now that I look at you - Jindeul / Non AU

Dessert - Shindeul / Non AU

White Blossoms - Shinchan / Flower shop! AU

Bartender - Badeul / Bar! AU

Everything you do drives me crazy - Jinchan / Rated M / Non AU

the tiniest beam of sunshine
- Shinyoung / Royalty! AU

Heating - Jindeul / Student! AU

Universal Attraction and the Motion that rules us
- Shinyoung / High School! AU

Chubby cheeks and itchy hands - Jindeul / Non AU

Stalker - Jinchan / Students! AU

Play Pretend - Shinyoung / High School! AU

Asthma - Jindeul / College! AU

Sprout High: Jinchan - Badeul / High School! AU
#1 Fox eyes and bangs
#2 First touch
#3 When just a walk in the park was enough
#4 Of course they would find out
#5 Junghwan's idea
#6 In more and better things
#7 Scared
#8 Only learned bad words
#9 Candy steps

Oh, you're the sweetest thing: Jindeul / Mansion! AU
#1 One
#2 Two

Wow, I really like him: Badeul / Non AU
#1 Today will make the difference
#2 I can't believe we're holding hands
#3 Don't be too loud

Fuff Sprout Family: Shinyoung / Family! AU (Completed)
#1 I can't believe is so difficult to get a kiss in this house
#2 We want to see the Elipunts!
#3 The bugs
#4 We're nervous!
#5 School wasn't as great
#6 We were not fighting, I swear
#7 The Plan
#8 You disgust me
#9 Just leave
#10 I want the part
#11 Butterflies and a secret
#12 Happy Birthday Chan
#13 Sunwoo is a man
#14 The Fight
#15 Coming home
#16 I know it's hard
#17 Twins' Party
#18 "I hope she never likes you"
#19 Please take care of the family

More family tales
(sequel to fuff sprout): Shinyoung / Family! AU
#1 Remembering

Of broomsticks and love stories: Shinyoung - Badeul / Hogwarts! AU
#1 Alohomora
#2 Herbifors
#3 Amorentia
#4 Befuddlement Draught
#5 Veritaserum
#6 Riddikulus!
#7 Revelio
#8 Nonverbal spell

Christmas Tales: Christmas! AU / Badeul - Shinyoung
#1 Falling (literally) in love
#2 The biggest tiniest present
06 November 2016 @ 12:18 am
Pairing: Jinyoung / Sandeul
Mode: College! AU
Summary: “Breathe deeply” he told him as he patted his back gently “You get hyperventilated too easily”
“It’s because I ran” the youngest said smiling shyly.
“Let’s walk slowly then” Jinyoung proposed “stop ignoring your breathing problems”
“I don’t ignore them” Junghwan complained “It’s only that I don’t think about them”
“Then do”
“You’re no fun” he said, but he was smiling.
“I’m enough fun to keep you around, am I not?”

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15 August 2016 @ 12:15 am
Pairing: Shinwoo / Jinyoung
Mode: High School! AU
Summary: He was going to decide what mattered from now on. He always put Jinyoung first, but not anymore. If only for a minute, Shinwoo had to think about his own feelings first.

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07 April 2016 @ 08:23 pm
Pairing: Jinyoung / Gongchan
Mode: Students! AU
Summary: Jinyoung noticed the freshman one day in the cafeteria. He thought that maybe he had seen him before, but this was the first time he had really seen him. He had puppy looking eyes and beautiful tanned skin and by the end of the day Jinyoung was positive he was following him around.

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01 March 2016 @ 09:15 pm
Pairing: Jinyoung / Sandeul
Mode: Non AU
Summary: Junghwan smiled a sad smile, but said nothing. Suddenly embarrassed of the intense glare his hyung was giving him.
“And what if you're a little chubby? I think it's lovely” Jinyoung said, defiant. Like, I dare you to say otherwise.
Junghwan snorted.

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Current Music: Hide & Seek - ASTRO
Pairing: Shinwoo / Jinyoung
Mode: High School! AU
Summary: Jinyoung may be a genious when it comes to music, but he's certainly not the most clever guy out there when it comes to school itself. Lucky he has Shinwoo, who is smart and likes him enough to help him.
The problem is that his attention drifts too easily, and he probably is misunderstanding things.

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29 January 2016 @ 01:47 am
Pairing: Jinyoung / Sandeul
Mode: Student! AU
Prompt: "Our heating's been cut off until you pay the bill and I'm pissed"
Summary: Jinyoung pushed him softly to the side and started pressing the button, not knowing what else to do. An idea flashed on his mind.
“Junghwan, did you pay the bill?”
“Hum... the bill?”
“Yes, the bill” Jinyoung said patiently.
Junghwan looked to the other side of the room, avoiding him “Was it my turn?”
“Yes, Junghwan. It was your turn”

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27 January 2016 @ 12:52 am
Pairing: Jinyoung / Gongchan - Baro / Sandeul
Mode: High School! AU
Summary: Sandeul couldn't stop calling himself things. Stupid, silly, dumb, easy... he kept telling himself that the only reason he was doing this was because of the free food, and not because he wanted to see Baro. Because he didn't want to. Really.
He tried to focus on other things. One step, two steps, three, four, five, six, whatever came after that, and after that. The intense flavour of the candy, the warmth of his hoodie, anything that wasn't the fact that maybe Baro was waiting for him at the swing set.

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11 January 2016 @ 10:32 pm
Pairing: Jinyoung / Gongchan - Baro / Sandeul
Mode: High School! AU
Summary: “You’re beautiful. Like an angel” Jinyoung’s words kept creeping inside his head, but so did the girl’s “I am his girlfriend” and his expression was so busted. He didn’t even deny it. He just sat there, looking at both of them, not knowing what to do, allowing Gongchan’s heart fall into pieces.

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03 January 2016 @ 07:11 pm
Pairing: Jinyoung / Gongchan - Baro / Sandeul
Mode: High School! AU
Summary: Jinyoung’s hand felt cold and tiny in his, he could feel his bones underneath the flesh, as thin as they were. Gongchan liked them, because even if they appeared as fragile, they had a strong grip. Safe.
He couldn’t help it but look like crazy in every direction once in a while, paranoid. No one knew him here. His grandparents lived in the country and they really hadn’t more relatives or friends who could call him out, either way, Gongchan felt nervous.

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